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Half Fat Crème Fraîche Risotto

By Irish Yogurts Clonakilty

Smoked Haddock Half Fat Crème Fraîche Risotto Leeks And Peas By Irish Yogurts Clonakilty
  • In a saucepan place the milk, bay leaves and thyme.
  • Gently bring the milk to the boil. Add the smoked haddock with the skin on into the milk and simmer for 5-7 minutes until the smoked haddock is just cooked and flaking away from the skin.
  • Remove the smoked haddock from the pan, flake the flesh away from the skin. Strain and reserve the milk.
  • To begin risotto finely chop the leeks and garlic. Make the veg stock by dissolving the stock cube in the boiling water.
  • In a large bottomed pan add the olive oil, leeks and garlic.
  • Cook for 5 minutes on a medium heat. After 5 mins add the Arborio rice and cook for 2 more minutes, then add the white wine and cook until rice has absorbed the wine.
  • Then slowly add the milk 100ml at a time stirring regularly. When milk is all absorbed into the rice, add the vegetable stock 100 ml at a time.
  • This should take about 20 minutes. At this point add the parmesan and peas.
  • Cook for a further 5 minutes. Then finally fold in the Irish Yogurts Clonakilty Half Fat Crème Fraîche half fat crème fraiche and flaked smoked haddock.
  • The Arborio rice should be slightly al dente and the risotto consistence should be slightly loose.
  • If you gently shake the pan the rice should move like a wave.
  • Serve in a bowl and top with a little extra parmesan.
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